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English language discussion of Free-mo modular model railroading concepts including design, construction, standards, operations, news about Free-mo meets and clubs, and any other topic related to Free-mo modular model railroading. For more info on Free-mo, go to
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  • Free-mo | Free-mo-NTS
    This group is for the management and history of organizing for the NMRA NTS.
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  • Free-mo | Free-mo-Standards-Working-Group
    This is a closed forum that one representative from each group may participate in. The basis of this forum develops a system where each participating group demonstrates their existing standard, participates in a discussion to settle on common ground preserving universal compatibility, and casts one vote when called upon. A Consulting Group will not vote on Free-moHO elections. Consulting Groups are available for expertise and knowledge base matters only.  As originator and Free-mo Moderator, Chris Palomarez will cast a final vote, and reserves the ability to veto any proposed changes that fall outside the vision established for Free-mo. As Originator and Moderator of Free-mo Standards he will call upon one or two consultants for deliberation and final approval. The assembled panel may decide to consult with a representative that is particularly skilled/knowledgable in any aspect of Free-mo Electrical. Free-mo Vision: - A common standard by which participants nationally and internationally may assemble - Realistic control and operation of Model Trains via DCC - Promote realism and prototypical modeling - No Gimmicks - No Enigmas - No Dogmas Maintaining the Vision and the Essence of Free-mo is of great importance to the entire community. As Moderator and Originator of Free-mo, I seek consultation from the following forum members: - Bob Schrempp (SLO-mo) Has proposed migrating to Anderson PowerPole Connectors in the past and has done an excellent job maintaining the standards for the past few years. - James Koretsky (New England Free-mo) Has had much experience coordinating and developing Free-mo on the East Coast, has good insight to DCC and technology. Forum Objective: Determine a system that fully incorporates Module Interchangeability, DCC, Loconet, Upcoming Technology Improvements, New Electronic Components, into an improved Free-mo Modular Electrical System.
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  • Free-mo at Trainfest 50
    This sub-group is for the coordinators and exhibitors of Free-mo at Trainfest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for their 50th Anniversary on November 13th and 14th, 2021. The goal of the Trainfest 50th Anniversary is to get exhibitors from all 50 states, and I know Free-mo could represent most of them.
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