Welcome to the Free-mo Group.io group. The purpose of this Group is to provide a forum for discussion of Free-mo modular model railroading. This encompasses design, construction, and operation of Free-mo modules and Free-mo layouts. The following rules are provided to help maintain and support the purpose of this list. The rules will be enforced by the Group Moderators listed at the bottom of this message.

  1. Posted messages must be relevant to Free-mo. As Free-mo covers many aspects of model railroading from design to wiring to DCC to realistic operations, you will see a wide variety of posting topics. Just keep your posts focused on Free-mo-relevant model railroad topics.
  2. Sign your message with your first and last name and geographical area before posting. Because Free-mo encourages the gathering of modules and modelers across wide areas to one location for a run session, it becomes important that we begin to build relationships with each other on a name basis, not some anonymous email id handle.
  3. Along with your name, please also add your geographical area (city,state/province) or the name of your Free-mo group that you belong to, so that you can find others in your area for Free-mo setups and construction sessions as appropriate.
  4. Comments that are derogatory, or in any way attack an individual or their modeling efforts (otherwise known as flaming) are not allowed. This includes the use of profanity.
  5. Free-mo related new product announcements or the selling of Free-mo related products on the list is allowed. Repeated posting of general inventory sales lists by Dealers, Hobby Shops and Manufacturers is not allowed.
  6. Limit sending attachments with your posts. The group is set to allow attachments. Considering placing any files or photos in the Files or Photos section accessed from the menu list on the left side of the group homepage, then direct people to the photos or files.
  7. When replying to a message, especially to a group digest, edit out any extra text from the previous message before sending your post. Some of our member's email services charge based upon email volume and size so please be kind and don't quote an entire message or digest when only one sentence will do.

If a group member violates any of the above rules, various levels of action can be taken by the moderators. Without notification, the offending post may be deleted. The offending poster may be directly counseled outside of the list through direct e-mail as to the error of his ways. The poster may temporarily be placed on moderated status. The poster may be permanently placed on moderated status. The offending poster may even be banned from the group. The level of action required will be fully the discretion of the group moderators and commensurate with the actions and prior history of the poster.

Any questions about the Free-mo Yahoo! Group can be directed to any or all of the group moderators. Please use this group to further the efforts of Free-mo and post responsibly. Group Moderators:

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